Whenever an international artist comes to Karachi, the entertainment-seeking youngsters and adults give a prompt response. They find these shows a source to take relief out of their daily busy lives. However, when news of a famous artist coming to the town takes round of the city, the frenzy waiting for the performance reaches new heights. Let us enjoy it; this is golden opportunity as such an international artist comes to the city after long time. Stereo Love fame Edward Maya is coming to Karachi to perform at Port Grand Karachi on 11 March 2017 at 8:00 PM.

Edward Maya Live in Karachi - Port Grand

Edward Maya is not new face for the Music industry. He made a great contribution, as a successful producer, in founding Romanian band Akcent’s album “No Tears”, which made a number of hits in Europe like “Stay with Me”, “That’s My Name” and “Lover’s Cry”. He got prominence with his distinguished style of music featuring sounds of accordion. He became global artist in less than a year after the release of his first single “Stereo Love” in 2009 also featuring Russian DJ VikaJigulina.


Romanian singer, musician, producer, composer and songwriter Edward Maya is one of the multi-talented artists of the day. He rose to heights of fame with his very first release Stereo Love reached the European Billboard at No. 2 after dominating the Romanian charts. He is arriving Karachi to perform live at Port Grand on March 11, 2017. He was asked about his life for the interest of fans to know more about him before they enjoy his show live in the city.

Who or what motivates you for the creation of music?

All my ideas come from God and then take shape in my heart. In some states of instinct “I just hear” thoughts of singles and I pick exactly how to compose and what feelings the single should rouse in people.

Edward Maya Live in Karachi - Port Grand

How would you describe your music to ordinary fan?

It is the type when you listen to it; it takes you from finite to infinite sending you in a state of elated expansion. It is a music that helps you to discover yourself, encourages to dream and become what you aspire.

How did you become a DJ?

Electronic music and its limitless possibilities had fascinated me since I performed at the symphony orchestra in my university. Then I went from piano compositions to computer compositions gradually before becoming a DJ.

What are your hobbies apart from music?

I do what I want. I cannot detach my work time from my free time. All that I do gratifies me. I also try to maintain physical fitness through yoga and sports activities. I read a lot as well and pass much time as I can in the company of nature.


Our music industry is flourishing with abundance of music concerts in Pakistan as international artists are coming to perform. One of them Edward Maya is at the last stages of his visit to Pakistan. After amusing the music loving people of Pakistan in Lahore and Faisalabad, he will be on the heights of his art when he spellbinds masses of Karachi with soft tunes of his music on Saturday. The legendary music artist will be performing live at Port Grand Karachi on 11 March 2017 at 8:00 PM.

Edward Maya Live in Karachi - Port Grand

The “Stereo Love” fame will enthrall the crowd with his sweet melodies. One of Pakistan’s leading singers Zoe Viccajji will also be performing. The comedians Faraz Ahmed and Umar Ahmed will also be the part of the event who will present a brilliant comedy show to amuse the public. This is going to be a full of entertainment night quenching the thirst of music, comedy and food lovers. It will unite tunes of music, laughter of comedy and flavors of foods under one roof.

Port Grand is an entertainment providing place of Karachi where people can take relief out of their busy lives. Port Grand Food and Drink and Entertainment Complex being a center of coastal recreational activities in the city provides shopping, dining and cultural opportunities to the residents.


Edward Maya is a DJ, musician, performer and composer belonging to a Romania. He will be at the peak of his art when he will be performing live at Port Grand Karachi on 11 March 2017. Entertainment lovers living in the metropolitan city and close by areas can amuse Stereo Love fame playing enchanting Mayavin Music live. Port Grand is a recreational place based in Karachi, Pakistan. Port Grand Food Drink and Entertainment Complex is the center of shopping, dining, cultural and coastal entertainment activities in Karachi.

Edward Maya Live in Karachi - Port Grand

Port Grand is situated on historic Napier Mole Bridge that has played a pivotal role in forming the city it is today. The bridge has been transformed into an entertainment and food place serving a space for stalls and restaurants of Pakistani and foreign food and a variety of beverages.

Edward Maya’s singing specialties are genres of house, electronic, deep house and electro house. He has also teamed up with many other Romanian music personalities such as Akcent and Vika Jigulina. “Stereo Love” is the first single of Maya released in 2009 with Vika Jigulina. His second song This Is My Life” appeared in 2010 and his third song “Desert Rain” came in 2011.


One of Europe’s prominent EDM artists, Edward Maya is a songwriter, producer and performer who became a sensation in the horizon of international music in 2009 with the release of the song “Stereo Love.” Music became a passion of Maya still in childhood and he attended Bucharest’s George Enescu Music High School. Maya began writing songs with Eduard Carcota while continuing his studies at the Bucharest Conservatory and one of their compositions earned an entry in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. This early accomplishment helped Maya team up with a number of Romania’s top producers, earning credits on recordings by Costi Ionita, Cassa Loco, Marius Nedelcu and Blaxy Girls. The Romanian music legend will be performing live at Prot Grand Karachi at 8:00 PM on 11 March 2017.

Edward Maya

Maya developed into a successful producer in his own right with the album Fara lacrimi (“No Tears”) by Akcent, which made a number of hits in Europe. Maya collaborated with Eldar Mansurov and Vika Jigulina to made “Stereo Love,” in 2009, the first single released under Maya’s name. The song turned into a major success in Romania, entered the Top Ten in 16 other countries, and attracted over 50 million views on YouTube. Maya released his follow-up single in 2010 another YouTube hit “This Is My Life,” featuring Jigulina, as well as his first album, called Stereo Love.

Maya founded his own record label, Mayavin Records to help maintain control of his career and provide opportunities for other artists. Maya released a third single with Jigulina, “Desert Rain,” in early 2011, through Mayavin which reached Top Ten in the Czech Republic, while “Friends Forever” came in mid-2012. The Stereo Love Show, Maya’s second album featuring another major single, “Mono in Love” appeared in 2013.


Edward Maya is a famous personality of music industry and his unique style and mesmerizing lyrics with which he casts spell on his audience has made him very popular. Here are some of his hit songs. He is to perform in Karachi and he will be at the acme of his art at Port Grand Karachi on 11 March 2017.

  1. This Is My Life

You will fall in love with this one, a great mix of Romanian music and international EDM.

  1. Desert Rain

This one is a great listen, inspired by an old Romanian folklore.

  1. Mono In Love

Mono In Love is for all the desperate lovelorn out there.

  1. Out Of Love

In or out of love, you will love this track for its lively beats.

Edward Maya

  1. Happy for You

This song will definitely make you happy after you listen it.

  1. Feeling

There is not one feeling this man evokes in us with his songs.

  1. Friends Forever

Ideally describing the relation between two close friends, you should dedicate this song to your close friend.

  1. Universal Love

Edward, who has hit top charts across the world, is surely Universal Love for us.

  1. Next Door

This one reminds us of the good old days hitting nostalgia at all the right places.

  1. Angel Of Love

Need a melody to commence your morning? Look no further.