Butt Tamizian – Humorous Readings by Dr Muhammad Younis Butt in Lahore

Butt Tamizian, a live Comedy program will be held on 10th March 2018 at Sukh Chan Wellness Club in Lahore. Butt Tamizian – Humorous Readings by Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt is going to be a laughter packed extravaganza event. Get ready for Butt Tamizian, full of comedy and fun show in Lahore. Fans who like satire and light entertainment are invited to this event.

Butt Tamizian

Butt Tamizian is a humorous book written by Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, a famous writer and humorist from Pakistan. He is also a column writer and tv producer. Muhammad Younis Butt is notable for his tv shows. He has authored more than thirty books. His most popular show is Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain, a political satire show featuring funny segments on Pakistani political issues. He has also written dramas which were mostly derived from writings. His current show is Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain, a Pakistani sitcom hosted by Hina Dilpazeer which is airing on Aaj Entertainment.

Famous books of Muhammad Younis Butt include Double Trouble, Batt Tamiziyan, Kharmastiyaan, Laaf Park, Ladies Park, Gharmastiyyan, MisFit and Khundkariyaan. Some of his other popular writings are Aks Bar Aks, Hawaiyaan, Shaitaniyaan, Nook Jook, Mazahiyaat, Khunda Zan, Mazah Bakhair and Joke Dar Joke. Other noted books by him include Afrah Tafreeh, Batt Soortiyaan, Batt Parey, Mazah Pursi, Ghuldasta, Kallabaziyaan, Batt Kariyaan and Mazah Gardi.

Most popular drama written by Muhammad Younis Butt was Family Front which aired on PTV in 1997. This play won the Nigar Award in 2000. It was the only humor of the time when there was only PTV available in Pakistan. His later work Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain is one of the most popular shows in Pakistan. Younis Butt left Geo in March 2012 and joined Dunya TV. It has its own Bas Kar Award. Ladies Park a comedy show of Geo TV was written by him.