Concordia Music Parade is a musical show going to be organized by Concordia Colleges with collaboration of PMR (Pak Media Revolution) and Hallmark International Events & Media Services. Music maniacs be prepared to jazz your feet in Concordia Music Parade and do not miss out as this is going to be the stellar music parade ever in Pakistan.

Concordia Music Parade 1.0 will be held at Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium) on 30th January 2017. Let the beautiful rhythm of BHANGRA KING “RDB” leave you dancing. The international Desi Sensation will amuse the concert attendees in Lahore.

Concordia Music Parade

Concordia Music Parade 2.0 featuring Edward Maya will be staged in Faisalabad on 11 February 2017. Relish the beautiful songs and sweet melodies by the international King of EDM Romania. Stereo Love fame singer will present soulful Mayavin Music to entertain you.

The shows are going to attract a huge number of fans as Umar Imtiaz will also stirring the hearts of masses. Many other superb talented singers and bands are also to perform. Here is the list:

– Bilal Haider
– Arsalan Hasan (Nescafe Basement fame)
– Yasrah Haseeb (Nescafe Basement fame)
– The SHAH’S Band
– Omer And Mobeen
– Ahsan Farooq
– Kashif Saaein – DHOL Player (Nescafe Basement fame)
– DJ Bilz

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