Edward Maya is a famous personality of music industry and his unique style and mesmerizing lyrics with which he casts spell on his audience has made him very popular. Here are some of his hit songs. He is to perform in Karachi and he will be at the acme of his art at Port Grand Karachi on 11 March 2017.

  1. This Is My Life

You will fall in love with this one, a great mix of Romanian music and international EDM.

  1. Desert Rain

This one is a great listen, inspired by an old Romanian folklore.

  1. Mono In Love

Mono In Love is for all the desperate lovelorn out there.

  1. Out Of Love

In or out of love, you will love this track for its lively beats.

Edward Maya

  1. Happy for You

This song will definitely make you happy after you listen it.

  1. Feeling

There is not one feeling this man evokes in us with his songs.

  1. Friends Forever

Ideally describing the relation between two close friends, you should dedicate this song to your close friend.

  1. Universal Love

Edward, who has hit top charts across the world, is surely Universal Love for us.

  1. Next Door

This one reminds us of the good old days hitting nostalgia at all the right places.

  1. Angel Of Love

Need a melody to commence your morning? Look no further.

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