Kinnaird Music Fest is a music fiesta which is being held at Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore. Kinnaird Music Fest 2017 will be staged on 17 February 2017. Abrar ul Haq, Umair Jaswal, Raga Boyz, Zeeshan Ali and Somi Chohan will be performing live in the Grand Concert Kinnaird Music Fest 2017. Abrar ul Haq is coming to Kinnaird College with setting his footsteps with tunes of “Assan Jana Mall o Mall”. Music fans can go in bhangra mood when he sets fire to “Nach Punjaban” and more over they can amuse themselves with taking a ride of “Bay Ja Cycle Tay”. Some of his hit songs are “Billo De Ghar”, “Majajani”, “Bay Ja Cycle Tay”, “Assan Jana Mall o Mall”, “Nach Punjaban”.

People, who have seen Umair Jaswal acting in film and television and are fans of his singing as well, can watch him spreading melodies among music maniacs. But he will not be ‘Tanha’ when he performs his popular song as a throng of music lovers will be present to cheer him.

Kinnaird Music Fest 2017

Kinnaird Music Fest 2017 is being organized by Elite Media Management International. This show will be highly managed and will cater full entertainment. Despite live singing, Dhol performances and Dance performances and much more entertaining acts will also be part of the concert.

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