Romanian singer, musician, producer, composer and songwriter Edward Maya is one of the multi-talented artists of the day. He rose to heights of fame with his very first release Stereo Love reached the European Billboard at No. 2 after dominating the Romanian charts. He is arriving Karachi to perform live at Port Grand on March 11, 2017. He was asked about his life for the interest of fans to know more about him before they enjoy his show live in the city.

Who or what motivates you for the creation of music?

All my ideas come from God and then take shape in my heart. In some states of instinct “I just hear” thoughts of singles and I pick exactly how to compose and what feelings the single should rouse in people.

Edward Maya Live in Karachi - Port Grand

How would you describe your music to ordinary fan?

It is the type when you listen to it; it takes you from finite to infinite sending you in a state of elated expansion. It is a music that helps you to discover yourself, encourages to dream and become what you aspire.

How did you become a DJ?

Electronic music and its limitless possibilities had fascinated me since I performed at the symphony orchestra in my university. Then I went from piano compositions to computer compositions gradually before becoming a DJ.

What are your hobbies apart from music?

I do what I want. I cannot detach my work time from my free time. All that I do gratifies me. I also try to maintain physical fitness through yoga and sports activities. I read a lot as well and pass much time as I can in the company of nature.

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