RDB a contraction for Rhythm, Dhol, Bass is a musical band initially launched by three British Sikh brothers namely Surjeet Singh, Kuldeep Ral and Manjeet Ral in 1997. Their style stands unique with blends of traditional Punjabi beats and vocals with westren genres. After the demise of Kuldeep Ral and exit of Manjeet Ral, this band is now run by its single remaining founder SurjRDB (Surjeet Singh). The music fanatics can dance and listen RDB live featuring Umar Imtiaz and RJ Hadii Hassan in Concordia Music Parade 1.0 to be staged at Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium) Lahore on Monday, 30 January 2017 from 5 PM to 10 PM.

RDB has worked hard to become leading South Asian singers and entertainers. They have performed almost in all parts of the world. They have visited United Kingdom, Belgium,Germany, Austria, Norway and Denmark in Europe. They have staged shows in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Indonesia and Hong Kong as well. Their popularity is not only among the public but they have been on various charts, tv and radio channels.

RDB - Surjeet Singh

Their popularity is reflected from the fact that over 250,000 CDs of their debut album were sold in 2001 and 500,000 units of their second album were sold in Pakistan and India. BBC Asian Network classed RDB hits as the biggest bhangra tracks of all time and featured 10 RDB tracks on top 10 lists. RDB has topped the charts on Mirchi Radio (India), BBC Asian Network, RED FM (India), Big FM (India) and City 1016 FM (Dubai) multiple times. “Om Mangalam” remained No.1 on B4U Independent Charts list for 7 weeks. They have been No. 1 on Channel Punjab for 2 weeks and in Sony TV Top 20 for 2 weeks.

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