Fairy Meadows and Chilas, Heaven in Pakistan

Chilas is a little city of the Gilgit-Baltistan Province of Pakistan, arranged three kilometers off the KKH to one side, beyond anyone’s ability to see of the street and on the left half of River Indus. In the North, Chilas is associated with the Chinese urban communities of Kashgar and Tashkurgan by means of Gilgit, Aliabad, Hunza, Gulmit, Passu, Sust and the Khunjerab Pass. More than 50,000 specimens of Rock Art (Petroglyphs) are discovered up and down the Karakoram Highway (KKH) in Gilgit-Baltistan including Chilas, some of these dated back to 5000 and 1000 BC. Chilas has a written history of landing of business agents, exchange shippers and Buddha journeys from over the fringes, for a large number of years. It has been remained a center point for holidaymakers from the old times. The engravings allude to Chilas as Soma Nagar, or “Moon City”, and name the then-controlling ruler.

Tatoo Village

Raikot (Sarai is a Persian word for ‘hotel’) is a camp resort situated on the vigorously forested Fairy Meadows in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, at a height of 3306m. Set up in 1992, this vacationer destination is profoundly famous among mountain climbers and trekking fans for its thrilling ‘Nanga Parbat Experience’. Looking on from the Sarai lodges one can see the Raikot Glacier yawning underneath the North face of the Killer Mountain.

Neel Fairy Meadows are found in Forward Kahuta, District Haveli in Azad Kashmir. Forward Kahuta is an excellent town, found 250 kilometers (155 miles) far from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Neel Fairy Meadows is a standout amongst the most lovely places of Kahuta (District Haveli) in Azad Kashmir and its separation from Muzaffarabad (capital of AJK) is around 162 kilometers (100.7 miles). it is acclaimed for daring and persevering tribes. The most brilliant and all encompassing spot is Neel Fairy Meadows which are arranged in Forward Kahuta, in the foothill of Bedori Mountain Peak. It is the mainstream visitor spot. Sightseers and guests come to appreciate the normal excellence and quietness of the spot in the especially in the summers. This is a magnificent valley and its spiritualist appeal holds over the consideration of the travelers. It delivers almost a wide range of organic products, crops, dry natural products and nuts or more all unadulterated common Honey.

Cottages at Fairy Meadows
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Pakistan, Hub of beautiful Lakes, Mountains and Valleys

Pakistan is brimming with amazing areas which will make you begin to look all starry eyed at this nation once more. On the off chance that you are a vacationer or affection voyaging then you should aggregate a rundown of spots you plan to visit one year from now.Pakistan is much the same as paradise for voyagers. It is loaded with lovely places brimming with greenery high mountains streaming excellent waterways and lakes. It is a standout amongst the most honored nations on the planet which are being blessed by various delightful articulations of nature extending from tremendous icy masses, empty valleys, lovely water exhibition sand dry and customary deserts which have from quite a long while been the eye getting for the travelers from all around the globe. That is the reason Tourism contributes a noteworthy extent in the nation’s GDP.

There are a few spots gazing from the Karakorum in the north till the Arabian ocean in the south of Pakistan. Murree is additionally a popularized visitor spot in Pakistan which has the delight of snow falling and levels the marketed market having every one of the keepsakes with respect to the normal spots and conventions in Pakistan. The critical vacation spot is the Sea side which adds the magnificence to the spot. Pakistan is home of most dazzling Himalayan tops, including K-2and different superb valleys. It has excellent Arabian Sea, deserts, Indus valley, old Buddha’s human progress cut in its mountains and notable posts. With this it is assume to be one of the world’s most prominent traveler destinations.

Neelum is a standout amongst the most wonderful valleys of Azaad Kashmir, and it has a few rivulets, freshwater streams, woodlands, rich green mountains, and a waterway. Here, you see waterfalls tumbling down the mountains; their smooth white waters streaming over the streets and sprinkling against the stones, before coexisting with the sloppy waters of River Neelum.


In the great north of Pakistan, Skardu the focal valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, is an embodiment of excellence, quietness and wild.

After Jaglot on the Karakoram Highway, a thin street turns towards Skardu. Amid the seven-hour venture, one is welcomed with a few streams, springs, and the neighborliness of the nearby individuals.


Shogran had seen a flood of travelers, who trampled over its excellence, abandoning it tainted. Siri Paye, in any case, still holds its solid fascination for voyagers as a green level on top of the Hindu Kush. Overwhelmed in mists and haze as a rule, it allures numerous as a meeting which permits one to watch Nature play look a-boo.


Here, you see various little lakes loaded with freshwater, meet stallion riders meandering about, and notice wild yellow blossoms sprouting all over the place. With the Makra Peak set as a scenery, the magnificence of the Siri Paye glades springs up.


Naran is a medium estimated town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory of the Pakistan. It is found 119 kilometers from Mansehra city at the height of 8,202 feet. Naran is a standout amongst the most beautiful town in Pakistan, drawing in a great many visitors, trekkers, picture takers and nature-devotee, consistently. The Kunhar River, swollen by icy mass melt, goes through this town as it winds its way through the valley. Naran can be considered as base station to beautiful destinations like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley.

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