Azauj is an international marital matchmaking forum which renders a reliable service to help people in searching a fitting life partner. It is a revolutionary service for unmarried people looking for marriage, fulfilling the requirements of different communities living across the world. In this respect, our international network arranges bi-monthly meetups and matchmaking events in Lahore, Karachi and London. Azauj Lahore Meetup 2017 will take place at Sukh Chan Wellness Club on Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 01:00 PM – 05:00 PM.

Azauj Meetup

The procedure to participate in Mega Matchmaking Meetups

  • First of all fill in the sign-up form on and submit. An email with log in credentials will be sent to you.
  • Call or inbox us and let us know how many seats/tickets you want to book.
  • We give you a unique, personal Event ID number after you have purchased your ticket and your profile is submitted. Your profile is posted on Azauj Website and Facebook page with reference to that number without your name, picture and contact number.
  • Now visit Azauj Website and Facebook page and see the profiles of other confirmed attendees posted there and note down the ID number of profiles of your interest
  • Call or inbox us about their ID numbers. We try to arrange seat of that profile‚Äôs candidate in our seating arrangement.

Interested ones can contact organizers or buy tickets online.